Denmark Seatrout flies

Top Quality flies from A.Jensen. Using only the best obtainable products, like Whiting and Metz hackles and hooks from high quality producers like, Tiemco, Daiichi and Gamakatsu. All our flies are tied by specially trained tiers. The flies are double whipfinished and double varnished.

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  • Agerskov mallard Shrimp
    Agerskov mallard Shrimp

    Orange and pink shrimps by Henrik Jensen Agerskov. Absolute quality flies that will catch numbers of seatrout.

    € 2,25
  • Honey shrimp
    Honey shrimp

    The famous Honey Shrimp with rubber legs. This is a quality A.Jensen fly .

    € 2,25
  • Pattegrisen

    The world famous Pattegrisen. A pattern by Claus Eriksen from Denmark. If you do not want to tie his complex pattern yourself, this is an excellent alternative. It will catch fish throughout the year. This is the version of…

    € 2,25
  • Pattegrisen grey
    Pattegrisen grey

    The world famous Pattegrisen, but this time in a natural color grey. Perfect for picky seatrout in summer and autumn.

    € 2,25
  • Pattegrisen Olive
    Pattegrisen Olive

    The world famous Pattegrisen, but this time in a natural color olive. Perfect for picky seatrout in spring, summer and autumn.

    € 2,25
  • Pattegrisen Tan
    Pattegrisen Tan

    The world famous Pattegrisen, but this time in a natural color tan. Perfect for picky seatrout in summer and autumn.

    € 2,25
  • Crangon Shrimp
    Crangon Shrimp

    Very nice shrimp pattern and a real top catcher. The pink for the colder months and the cream-colored for the autumn.

    € 2,25
  • Grey CDC Shrimp
    Grey CDC Shrimp

    The most common shrimp in the Baltic Sea are greyish in color ... this shrimp imitates the real one so perfectly. You can use this pattern with great confidence. This shrimp is a catcher!

    € 2,25
  • Olive CDC Shrimp
    Olive CDC Shrimp

    Fantastic color in spring and summer. Tied on an A Jensen quality hook.

    € 2,25
  • Autumn Shrimp
    Autumn Shrimp

    Grayish and tan-colored shrimps are a must have in your autumn flybox ... the seatrout is a bit more picky in the off-season and this is of course natural food for the fish.

    € 2,25
  • Oland Spey Shrimp
    Oland Spey Shrimp

    Most shrimps are gray ... this classic is a great pattern in almost all circumstances. Top quality A.Jensen Seatrout flies! Hooksize # 6

    € 2,25
  • Krystal Shrimp fluo pink
    Krystal Shrimp fluo pink

    In the wintertime I fish quite often with a very bright pink fly like krystal shrimp. A super agile and striking fly, with that extra attraction for seatrout in the icy water.

    € 2,25
  • Krystal Shrimp Tan
    Krystal Shrimp Tan
    € 2,25
  • Aura Rejen
    Aura Rejen

    The well-known Aura Rejen . Is often used in early autum, but obviously it catches all year. A quality fly from A.Jensen

    € 2,25
  • Polar Chenille Shrimp
    Polar Chenille Shrimp

    A hackled shrimp with grizzly feather and polar chenille. Great in colder months.

    € 2,00
  • Glimmer Rejen Pink
    Glimmer Rejen Pink

    A great fly for Baltic Seatrout. It never tangles and it's always catching fish!

    € 2,25
  • Panic Shrimp
    Panic Shrimp

    Top quality shrimp by A.Jensen. These are real catchers for the Danish waters, but also elsewhere in the world like our own salt and brackish water.

    € 2,00
  • Erkkis Special Shrimp
    Erkkis Special Shrimp

    Nice and small white shrimp for picky autumn fish.

    € 2,00
  • Hot Spot Shrimp
    Hot Spot Shrimp

    A very strange looking shrimp, but highly effective for difficult trout.

    € 2,00
  • Ultra Shrimp Tan
    Ultra Shrimp Tan

    A classic saltwater pattern. A must have in your flybox. This one is tied on a hooksize #4

    € 1,75
  • Kelly

    ''Kelly'' with her charming colors and hackles...a classic seatrout pattern that still does the job perfectly!

    € 2,00
  • Autumn Fly
    Autumn Fly

    It looks beautiful and that white with brown just makes it very good in autumn. Probably the seatrouts are thinking it's a delicious shrimp ... anyway: a catcher first class!

    € 2,00
  • Magnus

    If there is one fly you should have in your box, then this is it!. A true seatrout classic and it still catches a lot of fish every day. It's a bit of a fly that can be anything, nothing specific, but it works well... all year…

    € 2,25
  • Grå Frede
    Grå Frede

    One such well-known Danish seatrout patterns. This one catches fish all year. It looks like anything and everything. A small fish or shrimp ... at least a tasty morsel for most seatrout . A quality fly by A.Jensen. These you…

    € 2,25
  • Frede med Blodtud
    Frede med Blodtud

    A true classic and a mega- catcher! This fly is responsible for so many beautiful catches and it always will . The red collar is the extra attractor which sometimes makes the difference.

    € 2,25
  • Tan Frede
    Tan Frede

    A classic pattern that will always do it. It can also be anything: a fish, a shrimp or just an edible creature. Tan is a very good color for 'picky' seatrout in the summer and the late season.

    € 2,25
  • Polar Magnus
    Polar Magnus

    A variant of the Gra Frede. And with its bright pink collar a favorite in the colder months. A.Jensen top quality!

    € 2,25
  • Slagteren

    A great pattern with it's dull color, especially in autmn. A nice variant of the famous Magnus!

    € 2,25
  • Brun Frida
    Brun Frida

    A nice brown version of a Frede streamer. This color is especially excellent in the autumn. But with his shiny body it will also be effective in the cold spring.

    € 2,00
  • Flammen

    What seatrout see in this pattern is a mystery. But it catches! That's a certainty. Especially in the colder months of the year the absolute joker if you do not know what to connect to your tippet. A must have in every fly box .…

    € 2,00
  • Juletraeet

    Juletraeet or Christmas tree in Danish ! This fly catches throughout the year and serves as a kind of joker. If you do not know and you're tired of the 1000 throws. This pattern is there to hang out and walk and strip like you're…

    € 2,00
  • Gurgler

    This is a great pattern to fish with in the dark or dusk. It fishes in the surface of the water because of the foam in the pattern. That way it makes a V- track. Very exciting when the seatrout is coming after it ...

    Use this…

    € 1,75
  • Cigar

    This is a classic seatrout fly for the summer months. The seatrout is often in deeper and cooler water during the day and therefore almost impossible to catch, but at night she comes close to looking for food. That is the time to…

    € 2,25
  • Fox Goby
    Fox Goby

    Basic seatrout food in the Baltic Sea.

    € 2,25
  • Goby

    Basic seatrout food in the Baltic Sea.

    € 2,25
  • Flatwing

    This is the perfect imitation of sandeels which are suddenly appears in spring in large numbers on the baltic coast. The seatrout go crazy and this quality A.Jensen fly will surely entice them.

    € 2,75
  • Brenda

    Old school Brenda-fly...but still very effective!

    € 2,25
  • Brenda's Mor
    Brenda's Mor

    Fantastic classic pattern that still catches big fish!

    € 2,25
  • Krae

    Based on so many catching classic wet flies (including Alexandra). And that is not for nothing. This type of flies always catch fish, because silver, red and peacock are a deadly combination.

    € 2,00
  • Mickey Finn
    Mickey Finn

    This can be a joker on a dull day..

    € 1,00
  • Black Glow
    Black Glow

    A zonker pattern is always good. Especially in twilight and darkness this is a good fly . It suggests anything that swims around. And it also moves very attractive in the water though you hardly do anything. This is a quality fly…

    € 2,25
  • Twinkle Zonker
    Twinkle Zonker

    Nice zonker streamer for seatrout.

    € 2,25
  • Solvraeven

    A seatrout classic that will catch throughout the year. Especially in the twilight black flies are excellent. The tan is a great variation for autumn.

    € 2,00
  • Mylar  Head II Baitfish
    Mylar Head II Baitfish

    A very nice small and easy to cast baitfish pattern that will always do in Danish waters. I use the pink in the colder months.

    € 2,00
  • Twinkle Tube Tobis
    Twinkle Tube Tobis

    Very nice and very common baitfish from the spring until deep in the autumn. The seatrout really likes it and often are very active on this delicacy.

    € 2,00
  • Twinkel Tube Hundestejle
    Twinkel Tube Hundestejle

    A baitfish pattern that is very common in the Danish Baltic. The seatrout is always on it all year round!

    € 2,00
  • Angelfish

    Very natural looking Tobis pattern.

    € 2,25
  • Candlefish

    Nice and bright baitfish pattern that will always work!

    € 2,00
  • Twinkle Tube Fish
    Twinkle Tube Fish

    Very good looking baitfish and also useful for other predator-fish.

    € 2,25
  • Omo Borsten
    Omo Borsten

    A classic and a must have in the seatrout box. Tied on a razor-sharp # 6 hook. A very effective seatrout fly throughout the year. This fly would be an imitation of a ragworm. I do not know if the seatrout really think it is, but…

    € 2,00
  • Borsteorm Brown Olive
    Borsteorm Brown Olive

    Børsteorm is an absolute must-have when the seatrout in early spring hunts for ragworms because it is the easiest food at that time ... and after spawning on the river, the seatrout is exhausted and very hungry. Sometimes they…

    € 2,25
  • Borsteorm Peacock
    Borsteorm Peacock

    Børsteorm is an absolute must-have when the seatrout in early spring hunts for ragworms because it is the easiest food at that time ... and after spawning on the river, the seatrout is exhausted and very hungry. Sometimes they…

    € 2,25
  • Iceloppen

    Great pattern, because these are bait that the seatrout is always looking for. Not difficult to catch and it swims a lot in the Baltic sea.

    € 2,00
  • Mysis Clear
    Mysis Clear

    Sometimes the Seatrout is very picky on small mysis. That's the time to use such a pattern. It definitely can do the trick.

    € 2,00
  • Fyggi Cream
    Fyggi Cream

    Perfect pattern when it's calm weather and crystal clear water. Fish this very very slow...let it hang for awhile, and hold on! The rubber legs will do the job.

    € 2,00
  • Big Hole Demon
    Big Hole Demon

    This is a classic, but still a successful fly. I remember one morning when I occasionally saw a fish, but they all refused my flies. Until I thought, we might do something completely different. The Big Hole Demon. Within 5 minutes…

    € 2,00
  • Grimling

    A light-colored fly with a hackle and a subtle flash tail .. always good for the seatrout. Usually in the autumn these types of patterns are the decisive factor. A must have in your fly box!

    € 2,00
  • Flaskerenseren

    A white flashy fly with a grizzly hackle. A real killer for difficult seatrout!

    € 2,00
  • Skyggen

    Actually just based on a classic red tag, but with a pink hackle. These colors provoke the seatrout to strike. In Denmark, such a fly is called 'provokation fluen'

    € 2,00
  • Hindsholmfluen

    What they see in it is a mystery, but it does catch. A classic seatrout killer with its white woolen tail.

    € 2,00
  • Cactus Tangeloppe
    Cactus Tangeloppe

    Seatrout like to eat this kind of relatively small and easily catchable creatures. Gammarus occur all over the world in all kinds of circumstances. A super fly that always catches!

    € 2,00
  • Kobberbassen

    I know seatrout specialists who never fish anything else the whole year around..

    € 0,75
  • Kobber Bassen (A.Jensen)
    Kobber Bassen (A.Jensen)

    Kobberbassen, a classic!... tied on an excellent quality hook size #6.

    € 2,00
  • Gammariden Brown
    Gammariden Brown

    Top Quality Seatrout flies.

    Using only the best obtainable products, like Whiting and Metz hackles and hooks from high quality producers like, Tiemco, Daiichi and Gamakatsu.

    All our flies are tied by specially trained…

    € 2,00
  • Green Mullet Fly
    Green Mullet Fly

    It is almost impossible to do ... catching a mullet on the fly on the coast of Denmark. Nevertheless, there are specialists who do it stubbornly and occasionally experience the fantastic reward of a very strong mullet on the line.…

    € 2,00
  • -27%

    Seatrout flyset (11 flies!)
    Seatrout flyset (11 flies!)

    Great set of seatroutflies! You can catch seatrout with these flies the whole year around.

    This set contains 11 nice seatrout flies. The set can be a bit different from the pictures, cause it depends on stock.


    € 22,50 € 16,50
  • Hansen Silver Arrow Sinking 18gr
    Hansen Silver Arrow Sinking 18gr

    Especially for those windy days, a seatrout flyfisherman might need a spinning rod and some fine spoons!

    The Silver Arrow SD, is a slim-lined and elegant sand eel imitation. The Silver Arrow is a long-time favorite among…

    € 4,95



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