Here we report on fishing trips and show videos. The news can also be found here and reviews of our ProTeam testing the materials.

A.Jensen range of top quality products

Rino at the Gaula again!

Every year ProTeamer Rino Hansen goes to the Gaula in Norway to fish for those beautiful monster salmon. Last year was tough and he only managed to catch a single salmon, this year he went a little later and hit the jackpot. Every day is a party, and this is a very very nice one... 105cm! Congrats buddy, super fish!

Flyfishing Blog by Rudy van Duijnhoven

A very informative and fun site is the Flyfishing Blog by Rudy van Duijnhoven. Rudy started this blog a few years ago and he tries to collect and publish news from all over the world around fly fishing and fly tying.

Rudy says: "The world has become so 'small' nowadays, because of international travel and social media, that the news from all over the world can be interesting for every fly fisherman."

Rudy tries to post something daily. So keep an eye on the website, take advantage of it and put the page among your favourites.


Kevin back home

ProTeamer Kevin comes from Canada and lives in the Netherlands. Fortunately, he often works in the BC area and was able to find time to go after the Pink Salmon with his fishing buddy, which were at the Squamish river massively. Surrounded by black bears in this paradise (see photo in the distance), catches went completely crazy. Especially on bright pink flies ...


Sander's first Pike session of the season.

The pike virus has struck again and the season has begun. ProTeamer Sander was finally on the road again. At the waterfront, he discovered that the fishfinder didn't work. Mhm ... in spite of the disappointment, he decided just to go on the water with the bellyboat and search for the structures that are visible and let his experience speak. And experience is Sander's middle name in this area. A little later that fantastic strike by a big pike followed and the number one of the new season was a fact! Many more will follow ...


Monster Dub

Now in stock..this amazing dubbing that makes life easy for a flytyer of big pike streamers: Monster Dub!


Same procedure as every year...

Like every year ProTeamers Sander, Vincent and friends go across the ocean to practice their favorite way of flyfishing. Fishing for super-stripers! And in the meantime they are very skilled at that. They are completely caught by this way of fishing along the open coastal areas in beautiful surroundings. We at home have been spammed with stunning pics and videos of great catches, beautiful shots and travel reports, good food and even more beer.

Halfway through the mission, ProTeamer Kevin also connected this time, cause he was in the area anyway:)

Kevin even managed to land a fantastic striper with his favorite glass switch rod! A jealous-making party, but we again enjoyed the beautiful pics. Cheers buddies, well done!



Gaula Evjen Beat 

Like every year, ProTeamer Rino is fishing for salmon this time of the year. Today a very nice fish came by. Enjoy Rino, have a great time buddy!


In between the garfish

It happens to me every now and then ... I am just too late for great seatrout fishing. Just after all the nice catches of my local buddies here on the coast of Nord Sjaelland, I come along for a week and then the water is boiling with garfish. The Danes like them, because they are very tasty to eat. But as a fly fisherman it is a bit of a consolation prize.

What also often bothers me is the wind from west, northwest or north. All these wind directions make it impossible to fish with the fly here on the north coast. Sometimes I can't fish for a whole week. Well, luckily I come here often and besides flyfishing we have plenty of things to do at home and in the garden.

This week was like the worst scenario. Occasionally the wind direction was just acceptable for fishing in the Fjord, but the incredible numbers of garfish made it impossible to hook the seatrout. Besides.. most seatrout had already left the Fjord. The number of hotspots here is limited and you must share it with many other fisherman. I had already given up until that nice, dull take once again bended the rod. This was clearly not a garfish ....

So you see, catching a seatrout is sometimes almost impossible and if you continue to hold on, you are sometimes rewarded. Maybe not a big fish, but this one was very healthy and strong. This was such a fish that you have to work hard for and that you will not forget. Mission least a bit.

Thanks for guiding Rino:)


RaidZap UV Resin

NEW NEW NEW! By far the best UV Resin in the world! 

There are 4 different viscosities available: Thin, Medium, Thick & Flex.

  • Cures fast with the Raidzap 365 PRO
  • Cures hard and clear.
  • Low Smell
  • Tack Free
  • Thin tip.
  • 0.5 oz


Cast Away Magazine Christmas Special

Yes!.. it's there again: The Cast Away Magazine. This time a Christmas Special with special guests in the lead. Take a look and enjoy this '' beautiful '' episode. Including: INTERVIEW DANIEL HOLM, AIMEE KITCHING, LEGEND BARRY ORD CLARKE FROM HIS LAST BOOK, NEWS FROM THE BIG BRANDS BUT ALSO FROM THE SMALLER ...

Cast Away Magazine


Pike on big lakes

ProTeamer Sander lives surrounded by large lakes in the Netherlands. One of his specialties is fishing from the Bellyboat for big pike. And that season is in full swing again. Today he went out again and it was tough. At the end of the day he switched from the heavy sinking line to the 3ips line and was fishing on half water. A moment later a hard take followed and he caught this beautiful pike of 117cm! So you know ... pike does not always hunt at the bottom and experimenting with fly lines pays off. What a beautiful fish Sander!


Lovely day at the trout lake 

This was such a nice day on the trout-lake De Berenkuil. This trout pond has a beautiful, crystal clear catch & release pond with a great stock of healthy trout. And they are not always that easy to catch. Today it took a while before we could crack the code and halfway through the day the trick also changed. But it was fantastic fishing with beautiful calm autumn weather. And those are the moments when the buzzer can do a great job. Especially our favorite UV Buzzer.


Hends BL 554 #12, UTC Ice tinsel, Copper Wire Small, Spanflex/Flexilegs Olive, UTC 70D red, Holo Mylar tinsel red, Bug Off UV Resin.



E10 Snake Flies

I love fishing at trout ponds! Some people do not, but I do. Every day is different and it's really not that simple to catch trout on catch & release ponds. Despite many hours of practical experience, it sometimes just does not work to tempt the fish. And that phenomenon always keeps fascinating me, because some days it is '' oh so easy ''. Today at Trout Pond ''de Ruigenhoek'' it was a great day! Every cast was a hit! I completely lost count. We have also tested our new '' E10 snake-flies '' just as well today. What a movement have these new dumbell eyes snakes! We made a short video and immediately an inquisitive trout went swimming underneath :) Some nice catches followed ... party at the trout pond!


Sjaelland's Nordkysten

Home sweet home. This is my little ''Seatrout heaven''. Here's one of my favorite fishing spots and my buddy Rino is catching a nice one at his homewaters! He is so familiar around here...some fisherman have nicknames. Rino is called: 'the King of Hald''


Back Home

Jan was out for a short trip to his favorite European country: Spain. Even some saltwater adventure was the result. Fortunately, today we received a report of a beautiful Slovenian grayling. Welcome home Jan :)


Dutch Seabass session

Today, about 5 men of E10 ProTeam were able to join and go all out together at once. And yes the seabass fever has been going on for a while. So we went to the coast this very early morning. We had perfect tide and a lot of time to make some distance. And as often; it's all about finding the fish. Good tip: keep moving and find currents and structure in the water. Also change the flyline in terms of sink-speeds if the circumstances require.

It was a supersession, but initially very tough in terms of catches. And of course our seabass expert finally found the fish again and there were more takes. Finally a number of very nice seabass were landed. A beautiful session that was rewarded with a 60cm beauty. What a day, nice & tough and finally satisfying! 

Hope to go out again soon buddy's! 


Stripers in the USA

ProTeamer Sander has just returned from his annual adventure with his beloved stripers. And the beauty is ... he catches them more and more often in his favorite way: sightfishing! Yes ... so that's possible. What could be better than walking along long beaches and structures looking for those fantastic American bars of silver ... you see one, you cast a fly to it and...bbboohmhmmm 'fish on'!


Salmon on the Gaula

ProTeamer Rino Hansen goes every year...the Gaula river in Norway. This year it was very difficult to catch salmon. Many hours of fishing and low tide with every now and then a fish ... oh well, that is salmon fishing. Here Rino fortunately catches a very nice one.


Take a breath of fresh air

Finally I had some time to do some test work myself, together with ProTeamer Ted. The new A.Jensen Big Fly II flylines had to fly towards the horizon to outwit some Dutch seabass. And what a super line this is! The Jensen running line is unsurpassed. If you have the head outside the rod tip ... 1x a double strip and your whole line pops out as far as you need. When such a hard take follows and the fish pulls the complete line of your flyreel, the party is complete. Luckily this seabass wanted to be a moviestar. Great day again Ted!


Kevin and his first Dutch Ide 

ProTeamer Kevin is from Canada and now lives in the Netherlands for a year. Of course it is a bit of getting used to the fly fishing here .... The ''Winde'' was on the wish list and today he caught a very nice one! Well done mate!


Cal is going for Carp!

Our youngest ProTeamer Calvin is a great talent. And from all of us he is currently also putting the most spare time in flyfishing. Every free hour he can, he is found along the waterfront. Not only for fishing but also for spotting fish and looking for new possibilities. He did that last season and this season again. And now it is rewarded with super carps and beautiful trout.


Ted's party in the Bahamas

It was a long-cherished dream for ProTeamer Ted: the Bahamas, a Bonefish paradise! Practice makes perfect and Ted is spotting them and catch them more and more easily.


Sander enjoys the sun

ProTeamer Sander is the specialist in the field of 'flyfishing at sight'. He does so with great success on the Bones in his home country Aruba. But here in the Netherlands he can of course apply those skills to our own super species: the carp! The last days, with so much sun, are the perfect moments to spot and cast for carp. Sander has been through the game very quickly and it is getting easier and easier. Just with some eggyarn...!


Bull-trout for one day

ProTeamer Kevin Giesen is traveling for his work. Luckily he had a day off and he could visit a buddy who lives at the River Squamish in BC. No punishment, of course. Low water and fantastic weather and Kevin imagined a day '' in heaven ''. They managed to catch some very nice bull-trouts ...


It goes on and on ...

It is really high time on the North coast of Sjaelland! Today a very nice fish of 73cm was caught on the fly. And as the Danes like to do ... this super one goes home! This 'blank overspringer' is very tasty.


Super fishing on Sjaelland's Nordkysten!

ProTeamer Rino Hansen and his buddies are catching a lot of seatrout from above 60cm on the North coast of Sjaelland. Unfortunately I can not be there, but I can enjoy it through the many videos that appear every day ...


Spring is in the air

Although there is snow in Denmark, spring was already in the air today. Kern Leo Lund (Flytyer/ Pro Team A.Jensen) caught a nice seatrout with the A.Jensen Combokit. And although Kern has already caught thousands of seatrout, he is still happy when the mission succeeds.


Start of the season!

It is still pretty cold outside, also in Slovenia. Nevertheless, ProTeamer Jan started the new season today and it was though. With his refined nymph techniques and Cortland Competition Nymph rod, he managed to hook some very beautiful grayling. Great work, what a pictures! Enjoy the coming season everybody.


Seatrout in Isefjord

Today it was a lot more pleasant in the Isefjord. Rino and his buddy knew how to hook some very nice seatrout.


Snow and waves

A real February tough session brought Rino a beautiful seatrout.


Feathers assortment

Today we have made a substantial expansion of the feather range. Take a look ... everything has been added: hackles, saddles, chickabou, dry fly packs, marabou, cough, whiting, spey hackles etc etc.


Happy New Year

Pro Teamer Rino Hansen had a great start this cold and rainy New Year's morning. He caught a very nice seatrout at Sjaellands Nordkysten.


Bucktail streamer with a twist

I'm not such a fanatic pike fisherman, but every year when the leaves are almost of the trees I like to make some pike streamers. I love traditional materials like bucktail and zonker. But why not mix them with modern materials. This is a Bucktail streamer with a wiggle tail.

You need the following materials:

Pike Hook 6/0, Titanium Wire, Hyper Flex Curly Tail, Bucktail, Polar Chenille or Palmer Chenille, Hackle feather, little flash, Senyo Laser Dub and 3D eyes plus E6000 glue.


Beautiful pictures

ProTeamer Jan from Slovenia is a photographer and his hobby is flyfishing for grayling. 1 + 1 = 2 and so all photos by Jan are super. Of course, the circumstances are helping a bit, but Jan's aesthetic abilities make the difference in producing these shots. This was his catch of the day! But this time his buddy and colleague Mirko Ban was the photographer.


Pikefishing in Danmark

My Danish buddy and ProTeamer Rino loves fishing for Pike in autumn. He went to Nor again with his companion Henning and they had a great day together. Several nice pikes were caught today. (And last year some seatrout in between, cause the water is never know:)


Dragon tails

It's a huge hit among all the pike flyfishermen. Actually, the dragon tails are an invention intended for fishing for stripers. I'm sure that other fish species will go crazy on these super-moving Dragon Tails. It's also very easy to make a streamer from them. Look here for the idea.


Hyper Flex Curly Tails

The pike season is starting, but other predators are now in top condition too and great to go for! Brand new and hip are these new Hyper Flex Curly Tails! What's new? The durability and flexibility! Super strong new material that is almost "toothproof". We also have them in different sizes, so you can not only make pikestreamers, but also think of trout, bass, pike, asp and seabass. We have these Hyper Flex Curly Tails in 3 sizes and 6 colors, so you can let your imagination run free ...


Pike Streamer by ProTeamer Huib Geselschap

Pike season is coming again, tied a nice articulated marabou streamer.

Front hook A. Jensen pike hook size 6/0
Stinger hook Gamakatsu F314 size 1
Articulated shank 80mm.
Tail: some glitter material and 2 feathers, then one Marabou Feather hackled tip first, a bit of A. Jensen Angel Flash in front of that,then Polar chenille hackled up to 1 cm of hook eye, then one more MF hackled and finally a bit of angel flash.
Shank: three MF hackled with polar chenille and angel flash in between.
Front hook: MF hackled bottom first, (inspect feather stem to where it will wrap and cut off there and tie in), Angel flash, 1-2 cm of polar chenille, next MF hackle bottom first, Angelflash, no more polar chenille and repeat untill 1 cm from hook eye, take Senyo Laser dubbing and create head, mostly top and bottom, not so much on the side, take 5 min epoxy and work it in the head where the eyes will come, place eyes and secure with a small hair claw (your wife will not thank you...) pushing the eyes closer to the stem.
The hair claw is also handy in controlling the tied-in feathers during tying procedures and keeping the Senyo dubbing back when applying epoxy.



Denmark fisherman: watch this! The tremendously popular seatroutflies from A.Jensen are back in stock again! Be quick because they will fly out. The second round of a fantastic season begins.

Grayling Paradise

A short impression of the beauty of this Grayling river in Sweden.


From our man in Slovenia

Jan is a real specialist for Grayling. Today, with his sophisticated nymph techniques, he caught some very large Graylings and he sent us some nice pics from paradise.


Rino's record salmon

Rino's great catch from last week is also on film...


ProTeamer Jan from Slovenia in action

ProTeamer Jan Begus sent us a beautiful series of photos from Slovenia today. Jan's shown here on his favorite hotspot with his favorite Cortland Competition flyfishing rod. Thanks to his friend and photographer Domen Dajčman, his ultimate fishing has been very beautifully portrayed.



We have a new ProTeamer on board. Kevin Giesen is his name. He is from Canada and knows everything about fishing for salmon and steelhead. But his trips to tropical waters and elswhere in the world have also made him an allround flyfisherman. Kevin will be stand by with all his knowledge, because he lives in the Netherlands nowadays. Look at his first Dutch seabass. He had a much bigger one on the hook, but that one escaped unfortunately.


H2O Clousers

When you are going for seabass you will need many streamers, because you will lose a lot of them. We often fish with the Sculpting Flash Fiber Clousers, because they're going upside down, sinking fast and are easy to tie (very subtle flash already in it). You also lose less material than when you are tying a regular baitfish imitation. Keep them slim when you tie them. That looks more realistic in the water and you spent less material. For the dumbell's we use different sizes, so you can switch depending on the tidal situation. By the way these clousers are of course also very suitable for stripers.


A.Jensen Magellan flyrods

Finally they are in! The new series of flyrods from A.Jensen. And what a series this is! Absolutely more than value for money! The 'Magellan' is the entry-level model of the top brand. And you immediately feel the quality of A.Jensen fishing rods. The 'Magellan' is great fishing tackle for the beginner, but of course also a nice back up rod for the advanced fly fisherman. It's a very sophisticated and fast action flyrod, perfect for learning flycasting. The olive green gloss and the beautiful finish completes the picture. Fantastic fishing rods at a great price!


My favorite way

It was very tough this morning on one of our favorite hotspots of Nord Sjaelland. We had the reef for ourselves and occasionally we did see turning and jumping fish. However, they did not take anything ... (of course Rino occasionally had a small seatrout, like always :)) I almost gave up for today until there was a kind of big splash in the water just outside casting-range. I thought; ok, let's deal with this a bit more subtle! ... kobberbassen and a long leader.  Cast as far as possible and indeed just those few meters more made the difference ... the second cast was bullseye ... a dull and calm take, .. ssssjjjjtt ... Seatrout!


Sjaelland's Nordkysten

It is not so easy to catch some fish lately, but experts like ProTeamer Rino Hansen always seems to succees finding the fish and hook some. Rino always uses an intermediate shootinghead and very brightly colored simple flies. "The most important thing is to make a lot of meters and actively finding the fish," says Rino.


Als (DK)

Last weekend ProTeamer Ted and I were on the Danish island Als. We had a lot of bad luck with the tough wind. As a result, most top spots were not fishable. The seatrout made its infamous nickname as "the fish of the 1000 cast'' again more than true! With very much effort, this seatrout wanted to pose with Ted.


Jan's lucky day

Today I got a few pictures from a customer in Slovenia .... you know Europe's paradise:) But you can live there and still have bad luck. That happened to Jan when he purchased a Cortland Competition rod from us ... up till 2x the tip was broken! Once because of his own fault and the 2nd time by the courier. You can imagine how happy Jan was today when he hooked some stunning Slovenian beauties on his new Cortland Competition Nymph rod.



Buzzer time at troutpond the Ruigenhoek. Fish were going crazy on buzzers. Especially the black and dark buzzers were fantastic at 50cm depth below the Loon Strike Indicator Yarn. This is very promising for sunday, when it's Youth-day at the Ruigenhoek. Hopefully the kids can catch some nice trouts! As a pointfly I used a red apps and that was a killer too today!


First Carp of the season!

Our youngest and most promising ProTeamer Calvin Coolen had some spare time this afternoon:) He's a fish-attracting magnet!


Fishing for Pike...

And hooking a nice seatrout!...Well that can happen when you fish for Pike in Denmark's brakish waters. Here we have a nice catch by ProTeamer Rino Hansen.


E10 Sinking Flylines 

We have good news! After a lot of searching and testing work it's finally done. We have our own sinking flylines! And these are sinking lines exactly as you want them. They cast fantastic, and the sink rate is exactly as promised. Couldn't be otherwise, because the world famous line manufacturer 3M has produced these lines. We bring them to market in two major classes: a WF6S and a WF8S. Both aftma's in two sinkrates: 3ips and 6ips. There are a lot of situations and rodclasses covered in this range ... and the best part is the price! This top quality lines will not even cost half as the famous brands like Airflo etc. And do you think the quality is less? ... No way!



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A day of fishing is better than...

And that's always true. It was a wonderful day with the men on the ProTeam. It was terribly cold, but with hot soup, coffee, thermal-clothing and a shot of Jack's every now and then... it still was a very successful day at the Dutch coast. Seatrout and Oostvoorne-trout were failing, but the seabass appeared and made our day... for some a bit more and others a bit less. So you see, you can fish all winter in this industrial environment. And if you do not like that?...Stay home and tie some flies for the new season!


A.Jensen Spook Stalker #7 9ft review by Huib Geselschap (ProTeam)

Lately Etienne tipped me to a new fishing rod in his range, A. Jensen Spook Stalker, if I wanted to test it ... ofcourse I wanted to! We met at the Ruigenhoek, Etienne handed me a triangular tube (handy cause it doesn't roll through your trunk of the car) from which emerges a matte black rod with black snake-eyes, black coils and beautiful blue subtle trim coil accents and a moody solid black reelseat. First thing I noticed: the weight! it felt like a 5! but it really was a 9 '# 7 ... My Danielson FW4seven fitted nicely. Arrived at the water first I put on the Airflo ridge distance WF7F's  and a bugger, what a combination! The line shoots out effortlessly. I brought my T & T Helix as a backup, but that rod didn't hit the water today ... cause the Spook casts even better! At short distances it's pretty sensitive, and the more energy you put into it the more speed can be put in the flyline. The helical technology is very recognizable like the T & T, but with a thinner blank and much lighter in weight. Than I switched to an Airflo 40+ WF8 di3, first gently, the 40+ is known as a heavy line in it's class, but soon full double-stripping the line flew out effortlessly. Than I hooked a fish and the rod bended beautiful, playing that fish and handling it nicely...I have to admit, I was hooked!

I passed the rod to Hubi (also ProTeam) for further investigation of this rod in Rügen (Germany), fishing for seatrout. And also great reviews from there. If he didn't have so many rods (T & T, Winston, private construction), he would buy this one immediately! Also, the other guys joining, they could hardly believe how easy this rod was casting the flyline.  Eventually, Hubi really liked the Guideline shootinghead 16 gram best for this #7 weight rod. Due to its low weight and effortlessly casts this is an excellent fishing rod for the long weekend fishing for seatrout! And the fish there?....well, it is not for nothing; the fish of a thousand casts... to be continued!


In the meantime at Aruba...

...Sander is catching his Bone's. Look at the gentleman in the background, he's enjoying it as well.


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New ProTeam member on board!

We have a new expert on board. Hubert Keiten-Schmitz is joining the ProTeam. He is a wellknown flyfisherman from Germany and specialized in seatroutfishing at Rügen. Hubert (aka Hubi) is also fishing a lot for Salmon in Scandinavia and Ireland. Next week he will be at Rügen again and he will test some of our A.Jensen stuff. We are looking forward to his reviews.



Home sweet home

My local pike waters...


Keep it light!

I don't like Pikefishing with heavy rods in the polder, so I try to make pike streamers that are light and easy to cast on a # 7wt or # 8wt. Still, you want some movement and volume in the streamer. I also really love classics and classic materials such bucktail and Zonker. But yes, zonker becomes heavy when wet, so in this streamer I hid one narrow and small zonkerstrip and completed the tail with goat hair, flash and feathers. Movement enough! The head of bucktail fronted by a some Polar Hair. (We have it in stock in all kinds of cool colors,  so you can go crazy!) Between the tufts of bucktail there is also some Pearl Polar chenille. Yet it is a streamer of 20cm and I am convinced that a large pike will not let it go.... sooner or later. Good luck!



Typical Dutch

Yesterday was a day with ProTeamer Richard Bek in the typical Dutch polder. It started with a crazy rainstorm and a rainbow in a great Dutch landscape with Dutch Skies. The water in Zuid-Holland seems to be a bit much better quality than the known polders like Wilnis and Kockengen. We saw clear water and a very rainy day. Well,....and the pikes? Everything was right, except the fish. After an hour, Richard finally got that long-awaited shot at his new tube streamer .... missss! And a large gully in the area was the only action we had the chance to experience fishing in those four hours. That also is Pike fishing. Nevertheless, a typical Dutch day without Dutch pike. And some pretty nice pictures ...


Dutch Pikes!

This time it was ProTeam member Sander van der Wal to catch some of his first Autumn Pikes this season with a beautiful one of 111cm!


Rino's first session for Pike in Denmark


A.Jensen Spook Stalker

This morning I tested the Spook Stalker on the seatrout. And really ... what an incredibly good fly rod that is! I'm not even such a great caster, but the Spook gives me great distances and really much further than my Sage rods and TFO's. Of course, the distances are not always that important, but today when the seatrout was staying at the back of the reef those extra meters were very useful. I just used my favorite Cortland 333 line and several streamers and shrimpflies. The trout was very active (no big fish) so the rod could also bend deep occasionally. And then you notice what a power this flyrod has. And despite that strength the Spook Stalker is also a very sensitive rod, so playing the fish is always fun.  I'm pretty proud and maybe a little in love with my new gear...



If you plan to go to Sweden you should really check out this website by Mats Sjöstrand. And except for Sweden there is really much more than that! It looks like an encyclopedia ... so many years of flyfishingknowledge you find here. Please check it out!


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It's not easy to hook those mullets, but what a fun if you succeed...and they are very tasty as well!


Flyfishing is good for you

Ofcourse we already knew, but now for certain...


Diawl bach nimf

Yesterday I fished on the Ruigenhoek reservoir and it was very difficult to catch fish while they were very active. The dry fly was refused, although fish jumped out of the water for dragonflies, but imitations thereof were not taken. Buzzers and squirmies were refused. Until I started to fish a Diawl Bach nymph just below the surface. Big trouts, one after each other, couldn't resist the little devil. Always have in your flybox!


look here for the tying instruction....besides, there are more nice patterns!


Rino Hansen is catching a 100cm Salmon

The success of Rino on the Gaula in Norway continues. It is an extremely good year. He catches salmon every day and sometimes he loses one too. This one was landed. A beautiful fish of 9.6 kg and 100cm !


Rino Hansen at his favorite river

Great catch by PRO team member Rino Hansen from Denmark at the river Gaula in Norway! Check his YouTube Channel for more great video's! GoProFlyfishing


Sander and his trophy striper

After chasing one and a half week for stripers and everyone around Sander caught big ones. Sander was mainly just catching the smaller fish. On the last day of his trip he also caught a beautiful trophy fish and the most special thing about it: with sight fishing for them! 


Ide in the ''uiterwaarde''  

Closer to home there is beautiful fish caught by Huib Geselschap. The high water has some advantages in the Netherlands right now.


Stars & Stripers

A couple of man from the Proteam are fishing for stripers at Cape Cod. They are very succesful!



Today the trout didn't want to take the buzzers I usually fish at the Ruigenhoek. When I switched to the Squirmy Wurmies they got crazy! After a while when the sun disappeared they preferred a dry fly like an emerger.


Nord Sjaelland Baekorred

Rino a very small stream at Nord Sjaelland Denmark. Difficult fishing it is!


Ruigenhoek Buzzers

This morning I went to the Ruigenhoek again. It was perfect weather for the buzzer. A bit cloudy and a light breeze. It is in periods of bites and periods of silence. So you need some patience to fish buzzers in the right way. And , of course, is the search for the proper depth. Today they were prey on mosquito larvae at such 1,5-2m depth. Buzzer on droppers and surmounted by a tuft of Loon Strike two indicator yarn for the perfect bite registration. What a wonderful stuff that is. Unsinkable , super visible, light and is easily seen through the eyes of your fly rod if necessary ...



Rino Hansen is a well known fly fisherman from Sjaelland Denmark. And a memeber of our PROTEAM. He knows all the secrets, all the cuttings in any season. He is also very active with his GoProFlyfishing on youtube. And he likes fishing in Norway on salmon very much. Here is a nice promotional video.



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