Chenille & Flash

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  • Cactus Chenille A.Jensen
    Cactus Chenille A.Jensen
    € 2,50
  • Ice Chenille A.Jensen Pink
    Ice Chenille A.Jensen Pink
    € 2,25
  • Hends Krystal Chenille 10mm
    Hends Krystal Chenille 10mm
    € 2,50
  • Plush Translucent UV Blob Chenille 15mm (Semperfli)
    Plush Translucent UV Blob Chenille 15mm (Semperfli)
    € 2,75
  • Flybox T15 Translucent Fritz
    Flybox T15 Translucent Fritz
    € 3,75
  • Polar Chenille
    Polar Chenille
    € 2,75
  • Palmer Chenille A.Jensen
    Palmer Chenille A.Jensen
    € 2,50
  • Glow in the Dark Hackle
    Glow in the Dark Hackle
    € 3,50
  • Mirror Flash Hackle
    Mirror Flash Hackle
    € 4,50
  • Rubber 'n Flash Hackle
    Rubber 'n Flash Hackle
    € 4,95
  • Antron n' Holo Flash Wrap
    Antron n' Holo Flash Wrap
    € 3,50
  • Hackle Flash
    Hackle Flash
    € 2,25
  • Hula Wrap
    Hula Wrap
    € 8,95
  • Hareline Krystal Hackle Chenille
    Hareline Krystal Hackle Chenille
    € 4,75
  • Worm Chenille Sandy Olive
    Worm Chenille Sandy Olive
    € 1,95
  • -25%

    Mangums Dragon Tails
    Mangums Dragon Tails
    € 7,95 € 6,00
  • Micro Cactus Chenille (0,8mm) A.Jensen
    Micro Cactus Chenille (0,8mm) A.Jensen
    € 2,25
  • Synergy Micro Straggle  (UV Silver)
    Synergy Micro Straggle (UV Silver)
    € 3,00
  • Eggstasy
    € 3,95
  • Eggstasy Blob
    Eggstasy Blob
    € 4,00
  • Electric Eggstasy (UV)
    Electric Eggstasy (UV)
    € 4,25
  • Flybox PULSE
    Flybox PULSE
    € 4,25
  • EP UV Shrimp Brush
    EP UV Shrimp Brush
    € 8,95
  • Angel Flash
    Angel Flash
    € 3,95
  • Shiner by H2O
    Shiner by H2O
    € 4,25
  • Triple Flash XL (A.Jensen) 60cm!
    Triple Flash XL (A.Jensen) 60cm!
    € 6,95
  • A.Jensen Grizzly Flash Fibres
    A.Jensen Grizzly Flash Fibres
    € 5,95
  • Krinkle Mirror Flash (A.Jensen)
    Krinkle Mirror Flash (A.Jensen)
    € 5,95
  • UV Enhancer Flash
    UV Enhancer Flash
    € 6,75
  • Holographic Flashabou A.Jensen
    Holographic Flashabou A.Jensen
    € 3,25
  • Holo Flashabou
    Holo Flashabou
    € 2,25
  • Copper Flashabou
    Copper Flashabou
    € 2,25
  • Hends Krystal Flash
    Hends Krystal Flash
    € 3,50
  • Pearl Flat Braid
    Pearl Flat Braid
    € 1,00
  • Poseidon Ultra Medium Chenille 3mm
    Poseidon Ultra Medium Chenille 3mm
    € 2,25
  • Poseidon Ultra Chenille Standard 2mm
    Poseidon Ultra Chenille Standard 2mm
    € 2,25
  • Wapsi Ultra Chenille Micro 2mm
    Wapsi Ultra Chenille Micro 2mm
    € 2,25
  • Micro Chenille 1mm A.Jensen
    Micro Chenille 1mm A.Jensen
    € 1,00
  • Wapsi Ultra chenille micro (1.2mm)
    Wapsi Ultra chenille micro (1.2mm)
    € 2,50
  • Wapsi Pearl Chenille Micro
    Wapsi Pearl Chenille Micro
    € 3,75


Tungsten Perdigon P1 Nymph € 1,35 € 1,00

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