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Here you find complete combo kits with rod and reel, just to start flyfishing or for more experienced flyfisherman; amazing upgrade on your regular gear! Especially with the A.Jensen sets you have a super-discount and great value for money!

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  • -25%

    A.Jensen 'Spook Seatrout' Combo (NEW)
    A.Jensen 'Spook Seatrout' Combo (NEW)

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    ''A campaign combo of our Spook Seatrout rod and Newton reel. Amazing high-end gear!''

    The A.Jensen Spook Seatrout fly rod, together with the Newton Reel in a combo offer! The ultimate set…

    € 888,00 € 666,00
  • -9%

    Scierra Salis Combo Kit
    Scierra Salis Combo Kit

    Especially for the seatrout fishing, we have put together a very nice durable combo kit with an A.Jensen Diablo rod and the very robust CNC RD Saltwater reel. And believe me: You just need a reel with a fully sealed drag if you go…

    € 314,00 € 285,00
  • -11%

    A.Jensen Viper (PIKE) Combo
    A.Jensen Viper (PIKE) Combo

    This is the ultimate combo kit for big water and big fish. Especially suitable for fishing from the belly boat on those large mega pikes. But in addition to large pike, this super set can also control other very strong fish. And…

    € 838,00 € 750,00
  • -16%

    A.Jensen Spook Trophy Ultimate Combo
    A.Jensen Spook Trophy Ultimate Combo


    The best of the best for the big ones!

    This is the ultimate heavy-duty combo kit. Both in the tropics (fresh/ salt) and domestically on pike, carp, catfish and seabass. This superset can handle very strong fish.


    € 1.069,00 € 895,00
  • -11%

    BIG PIKE Super Combo
    BIG PIKE Super Combo

    This is the ultimate aftma #9 or # 10 combo kit for pike on big water. Especially suitable for fishing from the belly boat for the big mega-pikes. We have two versions. Make a choice on the menu.

    The combo contains:


    € 493,00 € 439,00
  • -10%

    Wychwood PDR Predator Combo Kit
    Wychwood PDR Predator Combo Kit

    The new Wychwood PDR fly rod and reel together in a combination kit. A perfect set for the pike. The Wychwood PDR reels are specially designed to form a winning duo in combination with the PDR rods. The reels have a robust…

    € 364,00 € 329,00
  • -9%

    Wychwood FLOW Combo Kit II
    Wychwood FLOW Combo Kit II

    A very nice quality combo kit for the starter who wants to start well, with excellent and yet affordable material. Great value for money!

    This combo kit is a somewhat heavier version intended for fishing on the reservoirs, lakes…

    € 187,50 € 170,00
  • -6%

    Wychwood T2 Combo
    Wychwood T2 Combo

    A great set for the starter or the advanced fly fisherman who wants good yet affordable equipment. A great combo for fly fishing for trout or bass. This set is highly recommended. The Wychwood T2 rod is a gem and the SLA cassette…

    € 281,50 € 265,00
  • -9%

    Wychwood RS2 Combo Kit Deluxe
    Wychwood RS2 Combo Kit Deluxe

    For the enthusiast and connoisseur, we have put together a stylish set of top brand Wychwood.

    This set is perfect for, for example, trout fishing on the reservoirs. But the # 6 or #7 version is also excellent for the seatrout. We…

    € 546,50 € 500,00
  • Cortland Guide Outfit
    Cortland Guide Outfit

    The Cortland Guide Fly Fishing Outfit is composed of a graphite rod with fast action, combined with a reel with adjustable center disc drag, floating WF line with front welded loop and tapered leader, cordura rod & reel carrier…

    € 179,95
  • Cortland Fairplay Combo Kit Pro/Pike 9ft
    Cortland Fairplay Combo Kit Pro/Pike 9ft

    A perfect value for money starter set!

    The Fairplay Pro/Pike 9 FT fly fishing outfit features a graphite composite rod blank perfectly matched with a graphite matrix composite reel.

    The rod is fitted with an aluminium reel seat…

    € 115,00


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