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  • Loon Head Cement
    Loon Head Cement

    A thin, odorless, non-toxic water-based Head Cement with applicator system for precise applications. Never breathe toxic or smelly fumes again.


    ∙ Thin head cement
    ∙ Dries clear
    ∙ Odor free
    ∙ Water based

    € 8,95
  • Loon Water Based Thinner
  • Loon Aquel Floatant
    Loon Aquel Floatant

    This is one of the best floatants in the world.

    € 6,50
  • Loon Lochsa Floatant
    Loon Lochsa Floatant

    Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC.

    It won’t mat dry flies made with CDC and is perfect for treating any type of feathers, hair, hackle, or yarn.
    Lochsa will provide maximum floatation without…

    € 10,95
  • Loon Bottoms Up
    Loon Bottoms Up

    This rubber suction cup conveniently keeps 1/2 oz bottles of Loon product with their bottom’s up and ready to use.


    Push bottle up into Bottoms Up until tight. Attach to vest, pack, etc.


    ∙ Holds…

    € 8,50
  • Loon Top Ride
    Loon Top Ride

    Known as “Shake and Bake” by world class guides, this desiccant (drying agent) and powder floatant is fast and easy to use. A fly (still attached to the leader) goes in wet, and a few shakes later comes out dry and coated with…

    € 9,95
  • Loon Line Speed
    Loon Line Speed

    Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer.…

    € 10,50
  • Loon Sink Fast
    Loon Sink Fast

    Sink Fast repels water and will actually improve sinking line performance.
    Designed specifically for sinking and saltwater lines, Sink Fast is a non-toxic, water-based product that cleans, lubricates and protects fly line from the…

    € 8,95
  • Loon Line Up Kit
    Loon Line Up Kit

    Includes Line Speed and Line Cleaning Tool.

    ∙ Best fly line cleaning available
    ∙ Fills in line imperfections
    ∙ Coats with UV blocker
    ∙ Wooden blocks and sheepskin cleaning pad

    How to use:

    Apply desired amount to Line…

    € 18,50
  • Cortland Fly Line Cleaner
    Cortland Fly Line Cleaner

    Lubricant & Pads

    Cortland Fly Line Cleaner is a water based solution with friction reducers, plastic conditioners, UV blockers and dust repellent so treated lines will cast further and last longer. With a little care your fly…

    € 9,95
  • UV Knot Sense Loon
    UV Knot Sense Loon

    Great stuff and actually indispensable to strengthen your knots. Small drop of UV knot sense to it and a minute with UV light. It remains flexible and strong. Also perfect to finish your connections like when you have your tapered…

    € 9,50
  • Loon UV Wader Repair
    Loon UV Wader Repair

    A quick application of UV Wader Repair fixes the inevitable wader rips, tears or punctures in seconds.
    It can be used on wet suits, Gore-Tex, spray skirts and similar items as well.
    Simply apply, expose to UV light and you are…

    € 8,95
  • Loon Strike two
    Loon Strike two

    During my many hours of fishing buzzers and such patterns, I 've tried all kinds of strike indicators . This is by far the best! It is light , so easy to cast. It floats like a cork. You fix it easily to your leader. It stays…

    € 6,75
  • Raidzap Flex (Big bottle!)
    Raidzap Flex (Big bottle!)

    RAIDZAP FLEX - the most flexible UV resin we have developed. Use for the baitfish flies where a more soft and flexible and rubbery head is desired. Cures extremely fast and leaves like all the other Raidzap products a Tack Free…

    € 42,50
  • Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (1/2oz)
    Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (1/2oz)

    UV Clear Fly Finish is for those who believe “five minutes to cure is five minutes too long.”
    No mixing or waiting is required, and it remains workable until exposed to direct sunlight or Loon’s UV Power Light or UV Mega…

    € 17,95
  • A.Jensen UV Glue (big bottle 60gram!)
    A.Jensen UV Glue (big bottle 60gram!)

    UV-Glue for making especially saltwater flies, but also nymphs, buzzers and pike flies.

    Comes in 2 versions: a Thick version for building bodies and heads, and a Thin version for small flies, final finish on building bodies and…

    € 24,95
  • Bug Off (& Bug Off Light) UV Glue
    Bug Off (& Bug Off Light) UV Glue

    This UV resin is absolutely the best in the world and cheaper than most other brands! It's not smelly and it is not sticky after using the UV powerlight.

    € 11,95
  • A.Jensen UV Lamp (with zoom 395nm)
    A.Jensen UV Lamp (with zoom 395nm)

    UV Lamp - with zoom (395 nm)

    Professional quality UV lamp

    The lamp has zoom and a wavelength of 395 nm, which is in the top of the UV area, and where it is not harmfull in contrast to the much lower wavelength you find on some…

    € 24,95
  • Raidzap Brush & Needles Accessory Pack
    Raidzap Brush & Needles Accessory Pack

    RAIDZAP BRUSH & NEEDLES – a accessories box that´s including a brush and two syringe needles, to attach on the small bottles. Including rubber lid to put on the needles for safe close.

    € 5,95
  • UV power light
    UV power light

    To cure UV adhesive. Very powerful powerlight. This is especially suitable for smaller areas such as nymphs and heads for small streamers.

    € 8,95
  • GBP Head Cement with applicator needle
    GBP Head Cement with applicator needle

    Benecchi 'Like a river' GBP Head Cement is a clear varnish for fly tying. Bottle's cork has an applicator needle mounted in which helps you to measure out the right amount of lacquer. Low viscosity helps varnish to penetrate…

    € 7,50
  • Flybox Rock Hard UV Varnish
    Flybox Rock Hard UV Varnish

    New Rock-HARD U.V Varnish from Flybox is a UV boosted version of the original Rock-HARD varnish - great for coating buzzers. At certain times, UV coated flies can be deadly can you afford not to try it...

    Flybox Rock-HARD U.V…

    € 4,75
  • -60%

    Fine Color Waterproof Markers
    Fine Color Waterproof Markers

    Very good quality waterproof markers for decorating all your flies. Works perfectly for baitfish patterns or all kinds of color accents on your streamers, nymphs and dry flies. I also use these waterproof markers, for example, to…

    € 3,75 € 1,50
  • Dubbing Wax
    Dubbing Wax

    Best dubbing wax by Wapsi. It used to be in the orange stick. The quality has remained the same only the stick is white now.

    € 5,95
  • E6000 Glue 3ml tube
    E6000 Glue 3ml tube

    This super glue comes from the world of jewelry and is also a useful tool for us fly fishermen. This is the ultimate waterproof adhesive for example to paste your eyes of baitfishpatterns. It takes a while before it gets dry but…

    € 1,50



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