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Here you find complete flysets with everything you need, just to start flyfishing or for more experienced flyfisherman; amazing upgrade on your regular gear! Especially with the Jensen sets you have a super-discount and great value for money!

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  • -26%

    A.Jensen Zenith Combo Kit
    A.Jensen Zenith Combo Kit

    The rod loads easily, and has a very forgiving action, which will suit many flyfishers.

    All materials and components are of high quality.

    Our kit has a rod, reel, with an extra spool.

    Both spools are loaded with backing, a fly…

    € 229,00 € 169,00
  • Cortland Guide Outfit
    Cortland Guide Outfit

    The Cortland Guide Fly Fishing Outfit is composed of a graphite rod with fast action, combined with a reel with adjustable center disc drag, floating WF line with front welded loop and tapered leader, cordura rod & reel carrier…

    € 189,00
  • Cortland Fairplay Combo Kit Pro/Pike 9ft
    Cortland Fairplay Combo Kit Pro/Pike 9ft

    A perfect value for money starter set!

    The Fairplay Pro/Pike 9 FT fly fishing outfit features a graphite composite rod blank perfectly matched with a graphite matrix composite reel.

    The rod is fitted with an aluminium reel seat…

    € 125,00
  • DAM Forrester Fly II #5/6 Combo
    DAM Forrester Fly II #5/6 Combo

    Since fly fishing is getting more and more popular, many people get inspired and interested in trying fly fishing for themselves. But a lot of beginners give up before they even started, because they don’t know what they need,…

    € 139,00
  • -14%

    Starter Set Basic Allround
    Starter Set Basic Allround

    Especially for the beginner we have put together a starter set. This is a real good set to learn. The rod is a medium fast action rod and has excellent casting characteristics. The DC reel is of very decent quality and also with a…

    € 197,75 € 170,00
  • -11%

    Wychwood FLOW Starter Set
    Wychwood FLOW Starter Set

    A nice quality kit for the starter who wants to start well with excellent yet affordable material. This set is very suitable for various ways of flyfishing such as; fly fishing for trout, grayling, perch and roach. Great value for…

    € 189,00 € 169,00
  • -9%

    Wychwood RS Set Deluxe
    Wychwood RS Set Deluxe

    This Wychwood Deluxe set is perfect for trout ponds, reservoirs and rivers.

    This set contains:

    -Wychwood RS Flyrod 9ft from 207,50 euro

    -Wychwood SLA cassette flyreel (& extra spools) from 105 euro

    -Wychwood Rocket Floater…

    € 581,75 € 530,00
  • -15%

    Seabass (& Pike) Super Set
    Seabass (& Pike) Super Set

    For seabass we have put together a delicious superset with a very solid saltwater rod and the quality CNC NVZ fly reel. The superb A.Jensen Big Fly II line completes this set. This line is a great choice and because of the…

    € 410,50 € 349,00
  • -14%

    A.Jensen (Euro)Nymphing  Deluxe Set
    A.Jensen (Euro)Nymphing Deluxe Set

    Czech / French (European-) Nymphing is becoming increasingly popular and not for nothing. This technique is extremely effective on the rivers and often makes it possible to catch the best fish.

    For the specialist we have put…

    € 519,75 € 445,00
  • -22%

    A.Jensen Ultimate Seatrout Set I
    A.Jensen Ultimate Seatrout Set I

    Especially for the specialist and the fly fisherman who sets high standards we have assembled an amazing seatrout set complete with extra seatroutflies and a fly box. For the specifications of reel and rod have a look at the…

    € 1.026,50 € 799,00
  • -11%

    BIG PIKE Super Combo
    BIG PIKE Super Combo

    This is the ultimate aftma #9 or # 10 combo kit for pike on big water. Especially suitable for fishing from the belly boat for the big mega-pikes. We have two versions. Make a choice on the menu.

    The combo contains:


    € 493,00 € 439,00
  • -18%

    A.Jensen Viper (PIKE) Combo
    A.Jensen Viper (PIKE) Combo

    This is the ultimate combo kit for big water and big fish. Especially suitable for fishing from the belly boat on those large mega pikes. But in addition to large pike, this superset can also control other very strong fish. And…

    € 727,00 € 599,00
  • -20%

    A.Jensen Ultimate PIKE  SET (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Ultimate PIKE SET (NEW 2022)

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    ''A campaign combo of our Phantom rod, Newton reel & Big Fly II flyline. Amazing high-end gear!''

    This is an amazing Pike Set!

    The A.Jensen Phantom fly rod, together with the Newton Reel…

    € 1.027,00 € 819,00
  • -14%

    A.Jensen Nordic Basic Combo
    A.Jensen Nordic Basic Combo

    A super nice starter set for the fly fisherman who wants to start his new hobby right away. A perfect combo for trout, grayling, bass, asp and ide etc. Available in aftma # 5, # 6 or #7.

    With this set the focus is on good…

    € 290,00 € 249,00
  • -19%

    A.Jensen Nordic Deluxe Combo (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Nordic Deluxe Combo (NEW 2022)

    A super nice set for the all-round fly fisherman who immediately wants good material. A perfect combo for trout, grayling, perch, asp and ide, etc. The combination with the A.Jensen Pena fly reel makes this set ideal for fishing…

    € 494,50 € 399,00

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