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  • Tungsten Perdigon BL Jig Nymph
    Tungsten Perdigon BL Jig Nymph

    A little devil on the rivers. This tungsten Perdigon is tied on a barbless jig hook. The perfect nymph for the Czech- and Euro-nymphing style of flyfishing.

    € 1,35
  • Tungsten Hot Spot PT Nymph #14
    Tungsten Hot Spot PT Nymph #14

    Heavy tungsten nymph tied on a barbless #14 quality hook. Perfect pattern for Czech- and euronymphing.

    € 1,35
  • Rainbow Power Perdigon
    Rainbow Power Perdigon

    These superior quality Perdigons are handmade for us in Europe by nymphing specialists. These are proven catchers on every river in Europe and beyond. These are the ultimate nymphs for Czech and Euro nymphing techniques!


    € 2,45
  • GB pheasant tail FB
    GB pheasant tail FB

    A great basis pattern that will always work, everywhere in the world.

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Pheasant tail
    Gold Bead Pheasant tail

    Pheasanttail nymph, but now with an additional goldbead. That can just give the trigger and of course more weight. A standard pattern that will do everywhere...

    € 0,65
  • Pheasant tail Flashback
    Pheasant tail Flashback

    The world-famous PT nymph, but now with an additional trigger on the back. That may sometimes make the difference. In two sizes.

    € 0,65
  • Pheasant Tail Sawyer Nymph
    Pheasant Tail Sawyer Nymph

    The nymph of nymphs. An invention of Frank Sawyer. He caught many fish on it in early days, and this pattern still does it to all waters in the world. A mandatory fly in every box . You would actually have to fish it more often,…

    € 0,65
  • Black Nymph
    Black Nymph

    Black is always good! That's true for all flies...dries, wets, nymphs and streamers.

    € 0,65
  • Olive Nymph
    Olive Nymph

    Multi purpose fly. Wherever you go...an olive nymph will always do the job in stillwater as well as slow parts of the river.

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Olive Nymph
    Gold Bead Olive Nymph

    The same Olive nymph, but now with an additional goldbead. That can just give the trigger and of course more weight. A standard pattern that will do it anywhere.

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Black Nymph
    Gold Bead Black Nymph

    The same black nymph , but now with an additional goldbead . That can just give the trigger and of course more weight. A standard pattern that will do it anywhere.

    € 0,65
  • Gammarus Grey
    Gammarus Grey

    This creature you will find in any type of water. Also brackish and saltwater! And in every season. You can always fish with this Gammarus.

    One morning at the reservoir trout didn't take anything I was fishing. Mid-day an older…

    € 0,65
  • Corixa 2
    Corixa 2
    € 0,65
  • Hare's Ear Nymph
    Hare's Ear Nymph

    An absolute classic! A nymph that belongs in every fly box. It will always catch fish around the world. This one is unweighted and therefore particularly useful on still water .

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Hare's Ear Nimph
    Gold Bead Hare's Ear Nimph

    The gold ribbed hare 's ear ! A world famous pattern that will do it all over the world . The natural appearance is so convincing ; There just comes a snack swim by ! We have it in two sizes.

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Montana Nymph
    Gold Bead Montana Nymph

    Actually, this is an imitation of a large stone fly nymph, but it is a very efficient pattern shown in waters where the animal does not occur. The fish obviously still think this is a tasty snack. Another pattern that you may put…

    € 0,85
  • Gold Bead Red Tag
    Gold Bead Red Tag

    A very famous fly; the gold bead red tag nymph . Well the dry and the wet version are also world-catchers. They do it really everywhere . For winter roach and ide this is the first fly I take out of the box and usually you do not…

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Prince Nymph
    Gold Bead Prince Nymph

    Another classic that should not be missing in your fly box. Gold Bead Prince nymph. It does fine in Dutch waters for the roach and perch. But on the streams this is one of the classic patterns to use. And it has brought so many…

    € 0,65
  • Goldschmitt Gold bead
    Goldschmitt Gold bead

    This is a killer on the rivers. Let it bump on and at the bottom under an indicator. We have it in two sizes.

    € 0,65
  • Gold Bead Copper John
    Gold Bead Copper John

    This is my favorite nymph on the river. It just looks cool! Sinks like a brick and is quickly on the spot where you want to offer it. It has ​​everything a nymph makes a catcher. Copper, peacock, wings, a golden bead, and even…

    € 0,75
  • Gold Bead Copper John Red
    Gold Bead Copper John Red

    A gorgeous variation on the 'ordinary' copper john. The color red really has something extra ... A killer nymph! We have a couple of sizes in stock: big and small!

    € 0,75
  • Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph
    Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph

    A personal favorite of mine! Don't underestimate this fly....

    € 0,75
  • Wintervoorn Nymph
    Wintervoorn Nymph

    We use this one for Roach in wintertime! It's tied on a hooksize #12

    € 0,75
  • stonefly beadhead
    stonefly beadhead

    The Stonefly nymph. A real catcher on every river in the world. We have it in two colors on hook size # 12

    € 0,85
  • Ryacophila

    According to Oliver Edwards one of the most common caddis larvae in the rivers. This is tied on a size 10 hook.

    € 0,65
  • Czech Nymph
    Czech Nymph

    A classic! It looks like some caddis and with its attractive colors and glimmer it gives some extra attraction. Fish these flies underneath an indicator or with Czech and French nymphing leaders and success is guaranteed! These…

    € 0,65
  • Czech Caddis Larva Olive
    Czech Caddis Larva Olive

    Great imitation of the caddis larva. Perfect as topdropper underneath the indicator. size #12

    € 0,65
  • Czech Hydropsyche Yellow
    Czech Hydropsyche Yellow

    Very common larva in most rivers and therefore a successful pattern wherever you are.

    € 0,65



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