Wet Flies

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  • Teal Blue & Silver
    Teal Blue & Silver
    € 0,75
  • Peter Ross
    Peter Ross

    No idea what trout will see in the fly, but it is a catcher worldwide. Maybe a minnow ? .. It is a known search pattern. A seductive fly for fisherman and fish. We have it in size # 12

    € 0,75
  • Mallard & Claret
    Mallard & Claret

    A classic fly! Very often used in the early season at the reservoirs. Anyhow, it is a beautiful fly and the trout will never get used to this. It will always look like something eatable. we have it in hooksize #12.

    € 0,75
  • Black Zulu
    Black Zulu

    Another classic. Many such patterns are black, silver and red combined. A deadly combination for many fish species such as trout, ide and roach . This pattern always does it anywhere. And often the best with some rough and cloudy…

    € 0,75
  • Butcher
    € 0,75
  • Red Tag Wet Fly
    Red Tag Wet Fly

    A classic for trout and also a perfect fly for ide, rudd and roach.

    € 0,65
  • Partridge & Orange
    Partridge & Orange
    € 0,65
  • Black Spider
    Black Spider

    It is black and has a simple hackle..a fly like Partidge & orange. But these patterns are precisely the patterns which a lot of fish will take without suspicion. This black spider can save your day. Fish it just below the surface…

    € 0,65
  • Greenwell's glory wet fly
    Greenwell's glory wet fly

    A classic wet fly for trout in streams when olives are hatching...

    € 0,65
  • Royal Coachman Wetfly
    Royal Coachman Wetfly

    This is the wet version of the famous Royal Coachman. A fantastic pattern to fish just under the surface.

    € 0,75
  • Kate McLaren Wet fly
    Kate McLaren Wet fly

    Another great classic wetfly. Fish it in a team with some other patterns like diawl bachs, nymphs and other wetflies. Very deadly on the reservoirs. Tied on a hooksize #14

    € 0,75
  • Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph
    Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph

    A personal favorite of mine! Don't underestimate this fly....

    € 0,75
  • March Brown Wet Fly
    March Brown Wet Fly

    This classic is still an excellent fly to use all over the world. Originally it was an imitation of a mayfly, but the pattern is so insect-like that it will catch everywhere. So also on the reservoir and certainly not only in…

    € 0,75
  • Peacock Spider
    Peacock Spider

    You don't need anything else to catch fish...a killer!

    € 0,65


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