Wet Flies

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  • Teal Blue & Silver
    Teal Blue & Silver
    € 0,75
  • Peter Ross
    Peter Ross

    No idea what trout will see in the fly, but it is a catcher worldwide. Maybe a minnow ? .. It is a known search pattern. A seductive fly for fisherman and fish. We have it in size # 12

    € 0,75
  • Mallard & Claret
    Mallard & Claret

    A classic fly! Very often used in the early season at the reservoirs. Anyhow, it is a beautiful fly and the trout will never get used to this. It will always look like something eatable. we have it in hooksize #12.

    € 0,75
  • Black Zulu
    Black Zulu

    Another classic. Many such patterns are black, silver and red combined. A deadly combination for many fish species such as trout, ide and roach . This pattern always does it anywhere. And often the best with some rough and cloudy…

    € 0,75
  • Butcher
    € 0,75
  • Red Tag Wet Fly
    Red Tag Wet Fly

    A classic for trout and also a perfect fly for ide, rudd and roach.

    € 0,65
  • Partridge & Orange
    Partridge & Orange
    € 0,65
  • Black Spider
    Black Spider

    It is black and has a simple hackle..a fly like Partidge & orange. But these patterns are precisely the patterns which a lot of fish will take without suspicion. This black spider can save your day. Fish it just below the surface…

    € 0,65
  • Royal Coachman Wetfly
    Royal Coachman Wetfly

    This is the wet version of the famous Royal Coachman. A fantastic pattern to fish just under the surface.

    € 0,75
  • Kate McLaren Wet fly
    Kate McLaren Wet fly

    Another great classic wetfly. Fish it in a team with some other patterns like diawl bachs, nymphs and other wetflies. Very deadly on the reservoirs. Tied on a hooksize #14

    € 0,75
  • Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph
    Red Holo Diawl Bach Nymph

    A personal favorite of mine! Don't underestimate this fly....

    € 0,75
  • March Brown Wet Fly
    March Brown Wet Fly

    This classic is still an excellent fly to use all over the world. Originally it was an imitation of a mayfly, but the pattern is so insect-like that it will catch everywhere. So also on the reservoir and certainly not only in…

    € 0,75
  • Peacock Spider
    Peacock Spider

    You don't need anything else to catch fish...a killer!

    € 0,65
  • Ben's Ide Fly
    Ben's Ide Fly

    Perfect wet fly for Ide. Tied on a hook size #8

    € 0,85
  • -10%

    Wet fly set (30 pcs)
    Wet fly set (30 pcs)

    Mixed set for various ways of fishing. Suitable both domestically and for flyfishing in all European countries and beyond. Random you get 30 beautiful wet flies! If you have specific needs you just let me know, than I will try to…

    € 19,50 € 17,50

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