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  • A.Jensen Ice Dubbing XL
    A.Jensen Ice Dubbing XL

    NEW NEW NEW Great range of this very popular shiny dubbing used in all kinds of flies.

    Note the big bags...3 grams of superb dubbing!

    € 5,50
  • A.Jensen Hare's Ear Plus Dub XL
    A.Jensen Hare's Ear Plus Dub XL

    Hare's Ear Plus Dub

    A very popular dubbing based on hare's dubbing mixed with clear antron, for some lively shine

    Note the big bags.

    € 5,50
  • A.Jensen Seatrout Supreme Dubbing
    A.Jensen Seatrout Supreme Dubbing

    Superb dubbing made especially for sea trout, Steelhead and Salmon flies. Just perfect for coastal sea trout flies as it has rather long fibers, is very easy to use, and gets very transparent in the water.

    Amazing colours -…

    € 3,50
  • See Thru Dubbing A.Jensen
    See Thru Dubbing A.Jensen

    Long thin fibres, that are not too flashy and very transparent. Perfect for Saltwater shrimp and baitfish patterns.

    € 4,95
  • -40%

    Harelike Dubbing A.Jensen
    Harelike Dubbing A.Jensen

    Top quality dubbing from A.Jensen. Multifunctional dubbing, available in many beautiful colors. Very useful for so many patterns. It dubs very easy!

    € 2,50 € 1,50
  • Monster Dub (NEW)
    Monster Dub (NEW)

    A great UV active dubbing, consisting of very long synthetic fibers mixed with a subtle UV flash (approx. 10 cm). Because of the length of the fibers, this dubbing is very suitable for making heads of very large predator…

    € 4,50
  • Hends Spectra Dubbing
    Hends Spectra Dubbing

    Glittering dubbing which allows easy handling. You can mix it also a little with different dubbing if you want to get it more subtle. We have some nice colors in stock.

    A synthetic and soft dubbing in various sparkling colors.…

    € 2,50
  • SLF Saltwater Dubbing Blend Shell Pink
    SLF Saltwater Dubbing Blend Shell Pink

    Perfect for the Pattegrisen! but it's also teriffic for scuds...it's really imitating the color of some scuds in the Danish waters and that makes it an outstanding fly for 'picky' seatrout.

    € 3,95
  • Senyo's Laser Dub
    Senyo's Laser Dub

    This is totally hip at this time. Senyo 's Laser Dub. In particular, in order to make heads of streamers. Look at the streamer on the picture. The tail is zonker and the head of the Laser Dub. One comb, 3D eyes attached to it with…

    € 3,95
  • Eggstasy

    Eggstasy is a revolutionary new product for tying egg-flies. Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning yarn, Eggstasy is build on a core which means you can simply tie it like a chenille. The other huge difference that…

    € 3,95
  • -29%

    Electric Eggstasy (UV)
    Electric Eggstasy (UV)

    Electric Eggstasy is the latest addition to our Eggstasy Range and features new, super-vibrant, U.V Fibres. These new fibres add another dimension in the water giving off a UV purple flash. It’s available in our top 10…

    € 4,25 € 3,00
  • -29%

    Flybox PULSE
    Flybox PULSE

    Flybox PULSE is a new Hackle version of Eggstasy. We call it a “slush-hackle”. Made of thicker Eggstasy Fibers and double sided, PULSE quite literally Pulses between pulls in the water. It also creates a unique teardrop…

    € 4,25 € 3,00
  • Flybox T15 Translucent Fritz
    Flybox T15 Translucent Fritz

    T-15 is the first in our new Translucent series. This material gives a unique jelly-like look in the water. Dyed into a stunning range of colours, this material is great for blob and lure patterns.

    € 3,75
  • EP Invader Brushes 4,5''
    EP Invader Brushes 4,5''


    Monster Brush for the big predator flies! Over 11 cm wide. 6 brushes of 25cm length.

    EP (Enrico Puglisi) products are well-known for being innovative, high-quality products in an awesome range of colours. So it is…

    € 10,75
  • Wapsi Egg Yarn
    Wapsi Egg Yarn

    The real egg yarn for those killer egg patterns!

    € 4,75
  • A.Jensen Egg Yarn
    A.Jensen Egg Yarn

    Super quality egg yarn. Very nice and bright colors. Perfect material for those "Glow Bugs" and "Egg Sucking Leeches".

    € 3,00
  • Polypro Yarn
    Polypro Yarn

    Lighter than water ... floats like a cork and it is perfect material for the wing post of the famous klinkhamer. And you also want to consider a darker color for the visibility of your fly on the water. Depending on the light.…

    € 2,75
  • Poly Yarn (A.Jensen)
    Poly Yarn (A.Jensen)

    ''The original floating polypropylene yarn used in many patterns as wings, or cut up as floating dubbing''

    € 2,75
  • -27%

    Poly Tron  Yarn
    Poly Tron Yarn

    Spooled poly-antron yarn in great colors.

    Used for spinner wings, bodies, breathing tubes, wingcases, shucks etc etc....

    € 3,75 € 2,75
  • Fly Rite Dubbing
    Fly Rite Dubbing

    Old school classics!

    There's a reason why FLY-RITE is the best-selling poly anywhere, because it's the best poly anywhere !

    Basic colors are sharp and true, and our insect and pattern colors are "right on" every time.


    € 5,75
  • Wapsi Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing
    Wapsi Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing

    Fantastic dry fly dubbing even for the smallest flies. Available in very nice colors.

    € 3,25
  • Hareline Superfine dry fly dubbing
    Hareline Superfine dry fly dubbing

    One of the best dry fly dubbings I have ever seen on the market. We have it in some very nice and subtle colors.

    € 3,25
  • Hends Hare Dubbing
    Hends Hare Dubbing

    An interesting dubbing from Hends of the Czech Republic. Made from the field hare, characterised by a medium roughness. The colours of the Hare Dubbing are generally not as bright as order materials, this alone makes it extremely…

    € 2,25
  • Hends Rabbit Fur Dubbing
    Hends Rabbit Fur Dubbing

    Perfect and easy to work with. You can use it as a basic dubbing or mixing it with other dubbings.

    € 1,75
  • Hends Blend Dubbing
    Hends Blend Dubbing

    Hare and Rabbit fur blended with sparkle, super fine diameter fibres.
    Used in all type nymph and wet fly bodies.
    Very easy to use.
    Pack: 6x8 cm.

    € 2,25
  • Hends Metallic Dubbing
    Hends Metallic Dubbing

    Dubbing material produced from the soft metallized fibres.
    Can be mixed with other synthetic and natural dubbing materials.
    Useful for tying shiny saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies.
    Pack: 6x8 cm.

    € 2,50
  • Angora Goat Dubbing (Seal Substitute) Wapsi
    Angora Goat Dubbing (Seal Substitute) Wapsi

    Seal's fur is not aloud anymore ... but you still want to make your buggy rough nymph. This is an excellent alternative! Angora Goat Dubbing. We have it in two basic colors, olive and black.

    € 2,75
  • -33%

    CDC Soft Dub Brushes
    CDC Soft Dub Brushes

    Very easy cdc material to create beautiful and natural bodies. But we also use it to make CDC wurms. Fantastic pattern for trout!

    Save you the trouble of making brushes. These cdc brushes are ready and in no time you have a very…

    € 7,50 € 5,00
  • Killer Bug Wool Poseidon
    Killer Bug Wool Poseidon

    The excellent replacement for the 477 Chadwick wool. Even approved by the family of Frank Sawyer. An excellent and simple pattern. This fly is called killer bug. Watch the video to tie it like Davie McPhail. He is using the wool…

    € 2,25
  • Tag Wool
    Tag Wool

    To create tags for nymphs.

    € 1,95
  • UTC Antron Yarn
    UTC Antron Yarn

    Antron is a great material for nymphs, wets and driesUse it for making streamer bodies, nymph bodies, trailing shucks and wing buds. Antron can be spun for a tight segmentation, or flattened for sparser bodies. Also makes great…

    € 3,00
  • A.Jensen Sculpin Wool
    A.Jensen Sculpin Wool

    Used for heads in muddler style, where you want a sinking fly. Used in sculpin and saltwater flies.

    € 3,95



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