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Let me introduce myself...

I'm Etienne and infected with the flyfishing-virus for many years now. From my sixth year I fished with my father, brother and neighbor for everything that was swimming in the local canal in Haarlem (The Netherlands). We caught perch, bream, roach and carp with large bamboo rods, heavy lines and big floats. Slowly we went over to the casting rods and other equipment became more sophisticated. I do not know if we were catching more fish, but oh well ... We were reading a lot of books we had from Dutch and international legends like Jan Schreiner, Kees Ketting and Dick Walker. Those were the men who knew how to do it and we have learned a lot. My brother began to increasingly focus on lurefishing and I became a specialist in carpfishing. We didn't have a tent and boilies those days..

About how the flyfishing virus got me ...

My brother joined the specialized shop of Paul Goedvolk in Haarlem and soon he bought his first fly rod. At one time completely hooked! He tried to convince me for years to pick up a flyrod as well ... then no result. One day we went to a flyfair. And yes, there was a beautiful Orvis rod-sale for a nice price. He asked whether I still might ...? An hour later I had my first casting lesson and I really couldn't make it right after hours....I almost gave up. But yes, still bought the rod, so I had to go through. After a month of fumbling I managed it a bit. Then I went fishing at a trout pond, with a green nymph to the tippet. Initially nothing happened for an hour, while the float fishermen were very busy catching fish. I threw the nymph into a dead corner of the pond and suddenly the line tightened. Then the small trout pond exploded, because I was found to have the super hunk hooked! Which was stocked at the weekend  before, because of a fishing competition, but not yet caught. My little new Orvis-fishing rod was completely bent, and after 15 minutes and a sore arm I had the whopper on dry land. You guessed it: the virus had struck! And the little Orvis rod? Since a couple of weeks my son (8 years old) is now practising with it...


We visit Denmark a lot. My wife is Danish and our family own a summer house on the North Coast of  Sjaelland. I know that area very well by now and I have become friends with a number of local flyfishermen. A.Jensen is also based at Nord Sjaelland and it is no coincidence that we carry that top brand. We do this with passion and conviction! A. Jensen rods, reels and flytying materials are among the absolute best in the world and are extensively tested in Scandinavian conditions. Denmark is our second home and I hope to introduce you to many beautiful materials, fishing tackle and tips & tricks in the area of ​​seatrout fishing. If you have any questions ... do not hesitate, contact me.

info@e10-flyfishing.nl or app/sms +3142516600


ProTeam E10 Flyfishing

These are the men whom I regularly and very much like to fish with and which I have learned a lot from. They always help me with their specialism and expertise in their own field. These gentlemen are top flyfisherman, fly tyers, and highly skilled people with material knowledge and a wealth of experiences. You will also be ready for them if you want to know specific things. So feel free to ask your question, we always try to provide you with the best possible advice.

Richard Bek
Rino Hansen (DK)
Sander van der Wal
Frans Coolen
Calvin Coolen
Vincent Derks
Eric Hehemann
Hanafi Saleh
Theo Bakelaar
Ted Maree
Kevin Giesen (CAN)
Jan Begus (SI)
Jasper van der Beek
Etienne de Smet


If you have a question, please feel free to ask. info@e10-flyfishing.com


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