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We have flyrods & combi-sets for everyone. All of our rods are personal choices. These are fly rods we love to fish ourselves! If you have a question, please feel free to ask.



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  • -17%

    A.Jensen Nordic (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Nordic (NEW 2022)


    “Exceptionally good value for money”

    The very well-balanced NORDIC rods are a perfect rod for the intermediate fly fisherman/caster. The medium-fast action gives you good line control, but…

    € 179,00 € 149,00
  • -45%

    A.Jensen Avon
    A.Jensen Avon

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    'Avon' is the name of a famous chalk stream in south of England, the river where Frank Sawyer worked and developed the even more famous Pheasant tail Nymph.

    The new Avon rods from A.Jensen…

    € 485,00 € 269,00
  • A.Jensen Viper II (NEW 2023)
    A.Jensen Viper II (NEW 2023)


    The very well-balanced Viper II rods are a perfect rod for the fisherman that is in demand of a delicate yet tuff “fishing tool”.

    We have built this series based on our immensely popular Viper series, which…

    € 279,00
  • Superb!

    A.Jensen Phantom (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Phantom (NEW 2022)

    A.JENSEN PHANTOMThe Phantom rods is our new top model, build to meet the standards and needs (and maybe even beyond) of the modern fisherman, no matter if you fish in salt or in freshwater.

    We have included knowledge from a bunch…

    € 569,00 € 499,00
  • Trophy!

    A.Jensen Spook Trophy
    A.Jensen Spook Trophy

    A.Jensen Spook Trophy

    The new Spook Trophy from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater and freshwater fisherman. We “married” two of our favorite rods of all time – Spook Stalker and Trophy…

    € 599,00 € 499,00
  • -46%

    A.Jensen Anadrome (Double Handed)
    A.Jensen Anadrome (Double Handed)

    We have designed the Anadrome rods using Advanced Helical Taper, which assures the rod is a great fishing tool. Line control is what casting with a double hander is all about and the AHT technology will help both the novice to…

    € 739,00 € 399,00
  • Pandion Hydros Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)
    Pandion Hydros Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)


    € 89,00
  • Ultra Light

    Pandion Feline Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)
    Pandion Feline Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)

    The Feline (The name of the family of Cats - Felidae in Latin) is, as the name indicates, a high performance, elegant, fast action series of rods with a tremendous sensitivity.

    This is what you want if you’re fishing with…

    € 179,00
  • Coastal!

    Pandion Axial Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)
    Pandion Axial Spinning Rod (A.Jensen)

    The Pandion Axial rods is made with one goal, and that was to make a rod with the highest performance in terms of casting.

    The result is the Axial rods. The second you pick one up and flick it in the air, you know, that this is a…

    € 219,00
  • NEW!

    Wychwood FLOW Fly Rods
    Wychwood FLOW Fly Rods

    Great value for money!

    Combining an elegant design with cutting-edge technology and modern manufacturing processes this new FLOW range of rods is designed to fulfil the needs of the modern fly fisher.

    The range utilises the…

    € 79,00
  • Wychwood Drift Fly Rods (Dry & Nymph)
    Wychwood Drift Fly Rods (Dry & Nymph)

    This new Drift range of Wychwood fly rods has been designed specifically with the modern river angler in mind. Produced using super-fine grades of carbon, these lightweight and slim line fly rods feature an action that suits all…

    € 169,00
  • NEW!

    Wychwood PDR Predator Fly Rod
    Wychwood PDR Predator Fly Rod

    These fly rods has been tailored to suit the needs of the fly fishers who are targeting predatory species. Manufactured with MLT (multilayer carbon technology) these rods have a medium action, ideal for delivering large,…

    € 199,00
  • -17%

    Wychwood RS2 Fly Rods
    Wychwood RS2 Fly Rods

    The English manufacturer Wychwood is known for well thought out products at a very attractive price – not only in the UK, but also all over Europe. And without a doubt, the modern Wychwood RS2 single handed fly rod lives up to…

    € 299,00 € 249,00
  • Wychwood RS Competition Fly Rods
    Wychwood RS Competition Fly Rods

    This Trio of fly rods has been tailored to suit the modern competition anglers wants and needs. Manufactured with new ENIR technology these rods have an ultra-fast action, delivering vast amounts of both power and performance.…

    € 399,00
  • Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods (NEW 2020)
    Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods (NEW 2020)

    Cortland’s Nymph series fly rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Built on a super light graphite blank which dampens and recovers quickly for exceptional feel. The low reflective, matte black finish…

    € 299,00
  • -26%

    Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Rod
    Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Rod

    Built using carbon fiber of military grade modulus and resins, Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Rods have been created and manufactured employing over 30 years of top level competition know-how from the Cortland Prostaff. This new…

    € 675,00 € 499,00
  • Cortland Guide Outfit
    Cortland Guide Outfit

    The Cortland Guide Fly Fishing Outfit is composed of a graphite rod with fast action, combined with a reel with adjustable center disc drag, floating WF line with front welded loop and tapered leader, cordura rod & reel carrier…

    € 189,00
  • Scierra SRX V2
    Scierra SRX V2

    Really powerful fly rods designed for still water trout fishing. The rods in this series are made to handle big flies, heavy winds, sinking lines, long casts and sometimes thin tippets and they do it with style. The SRX rods are…

    € 149,00
  • DAM G Fly Rod
    DAM G Fly Rod

    Great starters fly rod or spare rod which every flyfisherman will surely appreciate! great value, great fishing!

    Most likely one of the highest quality and best looking 4-piece fly rod series DAM ever made. In a modern green…

    € 89,00
  • Vision EKA Fly Rods
    Vision EKA Fly Rods

    EKA, meaning 'first' in Finnish, are incredible rods in their price range. The blanks are made from 24ton low resin graphite making these rods light in weight and well balanced in hand. Thanks to their 4 ? piece construction and…

    € 129,00
  • -16%

    IM12 Nano Fly Rod (Saltwater)
    IM12 Nano Fly Rod (Saltwater)

    A super rod for salt or fresh water. A fast action rod and therefore perfect for sea bass, pike and carp. Very strong and robust carbon rods. The blanks made with Nano technology can take some beating. These rods belong to the top…

    € 149,00 € 125,00
  • VRC Salmon Spey Fly Rod
    VRC Salmon Spey Fly Rod

    VRC Salmon Spey Double Handed Fly Rod 4pcs

    ine weight

    12'6'' LW8/9 450-550grains

    13'7'' LW9/10 600-700grains

    Gram to Grain Conversion: 1 gram=15.4323584 grain

    ∙ Spey Casting masters developed these IM10 Spey rods, modern…

    € 199,00
  • -21%

    A.Jensen Phantom & Newton Combo (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Phantom & Newton Combo (NEW 2022)

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    ''A campaign combo of our Phantom rod and Newton reel. Amazing high-end gear!''

    The A.Jensen Phantom fly rod, together with the Newton Reel in a combo offer! The ultimate setup for…

    € 968,00 € 769,00
  • -41%

    A.Jensen Avon Combo Kit (NEW)
    A.Jensen Avon Combo Kit (NEW)

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    A Campaign combo of our Avon rod and the A.Jensen Pena reel.

    The A.Jensen Avon fly rod, together with the A.Jensen Pena as a combo kit in a super offer! The ultimate set up for trout and…

    € 724,00 € 429,00
  • -20%

    A.Jensen Nordic Combo
    A.Jensen Nordic Combo

    A super nice starter set for the fly fisherman who wants to start his new hobby right away. A perfect combo for trout, grayling, bass, asp and ide etc. Available in aftma # 5, # 6 or #7.

    With this set the focus is on good…

    € 300,00 € 239,00
  • -23%

    A.Jensen Nordic Deluxe Combo (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Nordic Deluxe Combo (NEW 2022)

    A super nice set for the all-round fly fisherman who immediately wants good material. A perfect combo for trout, grayling, perch, asp and ide, etc. The combination with the A.Jensen Pena fly reel makes this set ideal for fishing…

    € 494,50 € 379,00
  • -35%

    A.Jensen Viper/Newton (PIKE) Combo
    A.Jensen Viper/Newton (PIKE) Combo

    This is the ultimate combo kit for big water and big fish. Especially suitable for fishing from the belly boat on those large mega pikes. But in addition to large pike, this superset can also control other very strong fish. And…

    € 767,00 € 499,00
  • -20%

    A.Jensen Spook Trophy Ultimate Combo
    A.Jensen Spook Trophy Ultimate Combo


    The best of the best for the big ones!

    This is the ultimate heavy-duty combo kit. Both in the tropics (fresh/ salt) and domestically on pike, carp, catfish and seabass. This superset can handle very strong fish.


    € 988,00 € 789,00
  • -25%

    A.Jensen Ultimate Seatrout Set I
    A.Jensen Ultimate Seatrout Set I

    Especially for the specialist and the fly fisherman who sets high standards we have assembled an amazing seatrout set complete with extra seatrout flies and a fly box. For the specifications of reel and rod have a look at the…

    € 1.066,50 € 799,00
  • -24%

    A.Jensen Ultimate PIKE  SET (NEW 2022)
    A.Jensen Ultimate PIKE SET (NEW 2022)

    Danish design, Scandinavian knowledge!

    ''A campaign combo of our Phantom rod, Newton reel & Big Fly II flyline. Amazing high-end gear!''

    This is an amazing Pike Set!

    The A.Jensen Phantom fly rod, together with the Newton Reel…

    € 1.057,00 € 799,00
  • -40%

    A.Jensen Anadrome-Newton Combo Kit (SALMON)
    A.Jensen Anadrome-Newton Combo Kit (SALMON)

    Especially for salmon fishing we have put together a nice combo kit of top-segment material! With this set you can handle the strongest salmon. The set contains the following components:

    -A.Jensen Anadrome 12'6ft #7/8 Double…

    € 1.223,50 € 739,00
  • -11%

    Scierra SRX V2 (Seatrout) Combo Kit
    Scierra SRX V2 (Seatrout) Combo Kit

    Especially for the seatrout fishing, we have put together a very nice durable combo kit with a Scierra SRX V2 fly rod and the Scierra Traxion 1LW reel.

    With this combo kit, you'll have years of fun in Denmark. Great value, great…

    € 269,00 € 239,00
  • Stonefly Magnetic Car Rod Rack
    Stonefly Magnetic Car Rod Rack

    High density foam with three rod holder recesses.
    Lightweight and portable, easy to carry, great accessory for fishing enthusiasts.
    Perfect for holding rods safely while tackling up or lunching.
    Magnetic backing attaches to car…

    € 13,95



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