A.Jensen Bering Waders & Impala Boots Combo

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Bering Waders and Impala Wading Boots kit

This is the new version of our award-winning Bering wader.

It is basically the same as the old model. The only difference is that this model has a stocking foot, not a fixed boot. This was a wish from almost all our customers, so here it is! Besides this we have also made use of a few new techniques in welding, making the waders even more flexible and strong.

They are perfect for fishing coastal area - like Scandinavia seatrout fishing or when fishing in colder salmon rivers early in the season.

During testing they became so popular with our team, that they used it when seatrout fishing even in early June when water is still pretty cold and around 13-15 degrees Celsius. Even when walking long distances on land they worked, as you produce the most heat in the area where the breathable part is.

This is a zipper wader, where we have used the best quality waterproof zipper on the market - The German-made Ti-Zip zipper. Check it, and you immediately see, and feel the quality of this zipper.

In this new version we have added a little extra space in critical areas for better movability, causing less stress on the garment and seams, which in turn means much lesser risk for leaks.

The stocking feet are anatomically made, with a shaped right and left foot in a super strong but yet soft neoprene. That will prevent the neoprene from folding in the boots, something that can drive fishermen crazy...like having a stone in your shoe all day...

Comes in 5 sizes

S - Foot size up to # 42

M - Foot size up to # 44

L - Foot size up to # 45

XL - Foot size up to # 46

XXL - Foot size up to # 47

Maintenance T-Zip zippers

A.Jensen Impala Boots

The Impala Wading boots are made to withstand heavy use in both salt and freshwater.

Comes with a "Maxi-Grip" rubber sole made to maximize grip on all slippery surfaces, even in cold conditions. And it is prepared for using studs if needed. The boots are supplied with a bag with loose studs, so you can choose to add studs or don't depending on your preference and/or fishing spot.

As mentioned, we have designed these for use in salt water - meaning, that if they can withstand use in the extremely hard salty environment, they will also work perfectly in freshwater. So we designed them to avoid all features, that will cause problems in the salt. That means no use of metal anywhere in the boot, even the hook laces are made of sturdy nylon. The only metal part is the studs, which can be replaced when worn down...

They are very light, super comfortable to wear, and easy to get in and out of, even when wet.


  • Super lightweight
  • Special "Maxi-Grip" Rubber sole
  • Superb ankle support
  • Nylon Hook laces for durability in saltwater
  • Several hook laces make it possible to fasten the laces in different ways for the best personal fit.
  • Flexible for the highest comfort
  • Available in 8 sizes (40 to 47)



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